Compressor Calorimeter

We manufacture automotive A/C compressor calorimeter to measure the capacity of compressor with varying load conditions. Our calorimeters are designed in accordance with ISO 917. We offer customer the control of parameters such as compressor speed, discharge pressure, liquid temperature or sub-cooling, suction temperature or superheat, and suction pressure.


• Better than ISO-917 performance on accuracy, repeatability, energy balance.
• Secondary refrigerant calorimeter vessel and Coriolis mass flow meter for accurate capacity measurement.
• Safe designed and hydraulically tested heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
• In-house electrical panel and data Acquisition system design with NI DAQ systems and LabView DAQ programs for total automation.
• Precision energy balance as per ISO standard using on-line Oil Circulation Rate (OCR) measurement.


• Capacity up from 0.5 kW to 85 kW.
• Repeatability of test results 1%.
• Heat balances within ±2%.
• Compressor speed accuracy with 0.25% of full speed.
• Oil flow rate stability is 0.5% of refrigerant flow