Water Cooled Chiller 20TR-60TR

Overview :

We offer highly reliable and robust water cooled chillers with capacities ranging from 5TR to300TR. These chillers perform well even in high ambient conditions. Water cooled condenser is used in this type of chillers results in reduced compressor capacity which ensures relatively lower power consumption than air cooled chillers.

Features :

• Well balanced refrigeration system.
• Optimized selection of components
• Precision temperature control
• Evaporator options - Plate type, Immersed coil, Shell and Tube, Shell and Coil.
• Digital temperature controllers 
• Safety devices for machine and human safety.
• Relay Logic / PLC control options.
• Components from reputed manufactures for trouble free operation and long life.
• Powder coated panels with customized shade selection for select product range
• Factory tested for hassle free start up and operation
• Available with Eco friendly refrigerants.
• High Efficiency Chillers through judicious selection of Heat Exchangers and Compressor Operating parameters.
• Outdoor capability.
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel water tank for trouble free operation.
• Strainers and filters to avoid dirt clogging.

Applications :

• Air Conditioning
• Automobile, Mechanical & Machine Tool : Heat Treatment, Component Washing /Cooling
• Plastic : Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Thermoforming, Environmental Test Chambers, Drive Cooling, Hydraulic Oil Cooling
• Pharmaceutical & medical : Laboratory Applications, Jacketed Vessels Cooling
• Chemical : Anodizing and Electroplating
• Laser  : Profiling, Cutting, Marking
• Metal Fabrication
• Printing & Packaging