Environmental/Humidity Test Chamber/Sub Zero Chamber

We create customized temperature and humidity control rooms for testing of HVAC & R Equipment. Our rooms are manufactured and designed to meet all the critical requirements of this kind of application. The rooms are constructed from pre-fabricated metal panels with foamed urethane core. We are also Manufacturer Environmental Test Chamber, Humidity Test Chamber and Sub Zero Chamber with best features and affordable cost. Environmental Test Chamber recreates a full scope of temperature and humidity conditions to test dependability, solidness, climatic, solidifying protection, quality affirmation, warm continuance, plastic items, electrical apparatuses, instruments, sustenance, vehicles, metals and so forth.


• Water cooled or air cooled refrigeration units.
• Refrigerant mass flow measurement with refrigerant side capacity calculations.
• All operating controls and instrumentation, at single control panel.
• Configurable data acquisition and calculation channels.
• Automatic test sequencing.


• Control stability of ±3% for humidity.
• Control stability of ±0.5°C for temperature control.
• NEMA 4 control console to house all operating controls, instrumentation, functional switches, and control systems.
• Humidity ranges 10 to 95% over DPT of 5 to 60°C.
• Temperature range from -40°C to 120°C.
• Air flows upto 20000 CFM with accuracy of ±5%.