Compressor Reliability Test Bench

We design and manufacture compressor reliability test stand that evaluates the endurance of compressors over long period of time under extreme conditions. The purposes of endurance testing are quality control, warranty audits, mounting force determination and life cycle testing.


• Control of parameters like suction pressure, discharge pressure, suction temperature, compressor speed.
• User configurable DAQ for data recording.
• Hardware checkout routine.
• Editing of test parameters.
• Automatic test report generation.


• Compressor capacity up to 200000 BTUH.
• Compressor speed control 600 to 12,000 RPM with stability of ±0.25%.
• Discharge pressure control from 150 to 600 psi with stability of ±2.
• Suction pressure control from 50 to 100 psi with stability of ±2.
• Suction temperature control with ±0.1°C accuracy.