AC System Calorimeter

Our air conditioning system calorimeters are designed to provide the customer with extreme accuracy, repeatability and flexibility in the determination of automotive air conditioning system thermal capacities. The calorimeter offers precise control over the parameters such as ambient temperature and humidity, test piece air flow, compressor speed, discharge pressure, condenser inlet temperature, expansion device inlet temperature, suction temperature, heater core inlet temperature, pressures and flows, etc.


• Automatic test sequencing.
• Loop calibration and calibration reports.
• Automatic test report generation.
• Fully automatic computer DAQ and control system.
• Multiple refrigerant testing capabilities.


• Heat balances within ±2% and repeatability ±1%.
• Capacities from 1500 BTUH to 240000 BTUH.
• Offers control over parameters as suction pressure,test pieceairflow,compressorspeed,
 discharepressure,condenser inlet temperature,expansion device inlet temperature,suction temperature, heater core inlet temperature, pressures and flows,etc
• Measuring and controlling oil in circulation rate.
• Compressor ambient temperature from -5 to 120°C.
• Compressor speed stability is ±5 RPM.
• Temperature stability with ±0.1°C.