Sea Water Cooled Air Conditioning Unit

Features :

• System design to execution
• Detailed heat load calculations
• Chilled water & direct expansion system for air conditioning 
• Mechanical ventilation systems
• Ventilation fans viz. axial, inline duct axial, centrifugal and explosion proof fans
• Air handling units- Double walled, floor standing type with DIDW high performance fans
• Fan coil units- wall mounted/ ceiling suspended type
• Bulkhead penetrations as per class requirements
• Automatic fire dampers with fusible link as per class requirements
• Volume control dampers
• Grill & cabin air terminating diffuser units
• Galley hood canopy with grease filters
• AC & ventilation ducting- spiral insulated & uninsulated, rectangular with MOC GI, MS and aluminum
• Electrical control panels for AC & ventilation systems 
• Sea water/ chilled water pumps with fittings